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alice mara



Alice Mara is a successful ceramic artist widely acclaimed for her craftmanship and innovative designs. She has won the Ella Doran Award for Best New Designer, the Queensbury Hunt Award for innovative use of ceramics, and the Royal Academy of Scottish Art Award for Best Female Sculptor


Alice has exhibited at The Royal Academy, Christies and Fortnum & Mason in London, the New York Print Fair, and in galleries in Paris and Italy. Her work has been commissioned by The Hayward Gallery, The William Morris Museum, Sheffield Museum and Brighton Pavilion, and her clients are as far afield as Beijing and Aberystwyth.  Alice has a Degree and Masters in Ceramics, and taught pottery for over ten years to university students across the South East 


Born in Walthamstow, Alice was exposed to the world of printmaking and ceramic art from an early age. Her artist father, Tim Mara, was an accomplished print-maker and Professor of Ceramics at the Royal College of Art. His work – and untimely death aged 48 – continue to be huge influences for Alice; she still finds inspiration in his teaching and passion for creativity 


Alice has spent her career developing the relationship between form, function and decoration. A self-confessed lover of the quirky, colourful and sometimes absurd, she experimented with printing methods before perfecting the art of realising photography in three dimensions, a complex and painstaking process. Her previous work features the architecture of London, Brighton and Eastbourne, capturing the colour, culture and character of these places

Discover more about Alice's work in her own words


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