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christopher king


wood sculpture

Christopher King is an artist, designer and craftsman based in the High Weald of East Sussex. His work combines traditional folk art and modernist design to explore our changing relationship with our surroundings and the natural world. 


Driven by observations of birds in the wild and the growing knowledge of the human impact on bird numbers in our own lifetime, his sculptures reimagine the traditional craft of ‘decoy’ carving and tap into the ancient, human need to shape simple materials into objects that reflect the everyday experience of nature. Aiming not to create an accurate replica but something that acts more like a glimpse, or an idea of a bird - a simple form holding a moment of stillness and connection.


Christopher King carves all his pieces using simple hand tools from sustainable, found or recycled wood from the areas surrounding his home in the High Weald

Discover more about Christopher's work in his own words


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