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23rd june - 2nd september 2023

Collection Eight, entitled ‘Conversations’, features a fresh new curation of artworks with personality and story-telling appeal. In a setting of spacious, ice-cream cool walls, visitors will find arresting new artworks including powerful and provocative scenes from real life by Ray Richardson, multi-award-winning London artist and master of filmic art; light and airy figurative oil paintings featuring dancers and nudes by Sussex artist Sarah Money; new works by Alvaro Tamarit whose beautiful work speaks of his wide travels and respect for nature and the environment; and work by eight other talented contemporary painters and designers


Garden sculptures, bespoke furniture pieces and sculptured lamps compliment Katherine’s innovative arrangement of artworks this season. With space to breathe and enjoy some stress-free art-gazing, this Collection offers a refreshing tonic during summer in the city

Explore the gallery in detail via our online Viewing Room by hovering your cursor over the artworks below

Katherine Richards Art Gallery Ray Richardson