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16th September - 3rd December 2022

that's entertainment

Collection Five builds on Katherine’s previous curation and features original, contemporary art from twelve artists working in different mediums and concepts. The result is a harmonious yet contrasting exhibition which strikes an aesthetic balance between shape, form and colour


Headliner Ray Richardson is a multi-award-winning artist whose oil paintings on Belgian linen are dramatically cinematic. His work has been described by GQ magazine as the ‘Martin Scorsese of figurative painting’ and by Iain Gale of The Independent as ‘the David Lynch of canvas and paint’


Viewing his work entertains and leaves you wondering what is going on? Who are these characters? What is the story? As if randomly opening a book without prior knowledge of the plot


Completing this latest curation is the work of eleven further artists, with an emphasis on ‘less is more’ and appreciation of the space in between


The gallery brings contemporary art and home interiors under one roof. The inviting space showcases a vibrant collection of affordable art ranging from limited edition table lamps, oil paintings, wood carvings, three dimensional works and ceramics curated by Katherine who trained in theatre stage and costume design. She offers art and design consultancy so you can choose an art piece or colour scheme with confidence

Explore the gallery in detail via our online Viewing Room by hovering your cursor over the artworks below

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