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This latest collection builds on Katherine’s previous curation and features original, contemporary art from twelve artists working in different mediums and concepts, including three new artists to the gallery. The result is a harmonious yet contrasting exhibition which strikes an aesthetic balance between shape, form and colour

Headliner Chloe McCarrick is an internationally acclaimed artist whose beautiful mixed media pieces in blues and golds celebrate historical, ground-breaking women whose success was not recognised at the time. Has there ever been a greater need to properly mark the trail-blazing women whose extraordinary discoveries in natural history and science changed the world for the better?

The gallery brings contemporary art and home interiors under one roof. The inviting space showcases a vibrant collection of affordable art ranging from framed prints and small sculptures to limited edition table lamps and large oil paintings, curated by Katherine who trained in theatre stage and costume design. She offers art and design consultancy so you can choose an art piece or colour scheme with confidence

Explore the gallery in detail via our online Viewing Room by hovering your cursor over the artworks below