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10th March – 3rd June 2023

Collection Seven embodies the gallery’s hybrid creativity by showcasing original artworks and home interiors under one roof. Katherine’s brand new curation for 2023 features the work of fourteen contemporary artists in a rich variety of mediums, from bright, uplifting paintings in acrylics and oils, to eye-catching art pieces in wood, porcelain, ceramic and earthenware


With a focus on colour, texture and a joyful celebration of Spring, this latest collection includes paintings by British artists Kerry Louise Bennett, Irene Marot and Nick Carrick, also new works from gallery residents Alvaro Tamarit and Ray Richardson, as well as Tim Bates, Sarah Money, Nigel Sharman and Liz Tiranti


The affordable artworks are complemented by handmade lamps, sumptuous upholstery, outdoor flooring, curtain fabrics and cushions, as well as garden artworks by Alvaro Tamarit.  Everything a beautiful home could ever need

Explore the gallery in detail via our online Viewing Room by hovering your cursor over the artworks below

Katherine Richards Art Gallery Main Wall.jpg