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This new collection of artworks is headlined with Helen Martino and her charming ceramic love stories. Couples reclining on hills, gazing up into the trees, sitting close together lovingly holding one another. The simplicity of these sculptures is touching and both the glazing techniques and colours are utterly beautiful

Louise Robinson brings us new work which tells stories of lovers meeting and living their lives together

As usual her work touches the viewer in unexpected ways; it is moving and provokes tears, laughter, and wonder at how meticulously she has created and finished her compositions. A magnifying glass is on hand to help draw you further into her magical worlds

Sally Ellis’s paintings hang in our window and depict life as well all know it. comfortable tabletops laden with delicious foods, layered colours rich in texture and atmosphere, she reaches us and we feel connected to the work.

Linda Webster’s amazing sculpted maps are photographed and presented on jet black backgrounds, making the image stand out dramatically

There are many more wonderful pieces, stunning sculptures from Emma Fenelon, filmic oil paintings from Ray Richardson, the latest lights from Tim Bates, carvings from Christpoher King, pretty daisies in a vase from Nigel Sharman, lamps and various pieces from Katherine Richards

Explore the collection in detail via our online Viewing Room by hovering your cursor over the artworks below

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