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Collection Three is a most personal curation for Katherine. She explains what inspired her to create ‘Connections’

“Occasionally, someone shows you something which resonates so deeply, you feel a strong emotional shift. This happened when I saw Patrick Morales-Lees’ wonderful paintings and drawings. Inspired by his upbringing as a foster child and not knowing where he’d come from, Patrick always felt a need to fit in whilst growing up. This is clearly depicted in his paintings, and the moment I saw them I felt overwhelmed with familiarity. Despite not being a foster child myself, I had similar experiences and did not fully know about my roots.”

So began the curation of Collection Three. Katherine is fascinated with the connections between people and the past they bring into the present. She is excited to introduce a fascinating collection of artworks featuring people, created by nine artists, in paintings and mixed media

Some of these artists are new to art or emerging, others have been creating for a few years and some are multi award-winning. In Katherine’s gallery, there’s no elitism and room for everyone

As with Collection One and Two, the artworks are curated alongside minimal interior design settings to help you visualise the art in your own home

Explore the gallery in detail via our online Viewing Room by hovering your cursor over the artworks below