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irene marot

Irene-Marot artwork Katherine richards art gallery.jpg

oil on canvas

Discover more about Irene's work in her own words

Irene’s trajectory from sixth form to art college was interrupted by her role in a school performance of the play ‘Our Town’, following which she proceeded to take the drama route


She subsequently reconnected with painting following her son’s birth, age 42. After completing both a Degree and an MA in Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton, actor Irene turned fully artist. Having always drawn, she continued to explore the provocative act of painting


Irene lives in a small village on the South Downs, which very quickly impacted her practice. She noticed how the extraordinary is held in the ordinary. Recognising a strong connection to the animal world, she tracks feelings and responses to the energetic source of the natural shapes around her. Her paintings, she says, are conduits for metaphysical forms moving through space


Irene has exhibited in various venues and galleries, and her work is currently part of the exhibition ‘Mythical wood’ at Stanton Guildhouse in the Cotswolds. She latterly exhibited in the ‘Discerning Eye 22’ at London’s Mall Galleries

She was presented with the ‘Selectors’ Prize’ at the Royal Cambrian Academy 2021 exhibition, and has work included in the Duchess of Wessex’s collection


Irene’s current body of work is inspired by the obsession with sea-swimming, encouraged by the ritual morning swims of an 89 year-old woman and her sea-gauging forecasts. Irene’s paintings in oil attempt to find expression for these heightened states of feeling


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