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joanneke carbaat

Over my shoulder.jpg

acrylic on canvas

Joanneke Carbaat is an exciting new artist whose painting adventure started five years ago following a lifelong stop-start relationship with drawing and other creative outlets. Her vibrant paintings mainly focus on rich, characterful faces although she also paints lush flowers, landscapes and abstracts


Joanneke’s portraits often start with a pencil or charcoal drawing to which she adds whatever feels good at that moment. Her favourite materials are charcoal, acrylic paint, and increasingly ink and gouache, sometimes all combined

Joanneke is influenced and inspired by people, different cultures, early 20th century artists, Dutch Masters, vintage portrait photographs, and the people she sees around her

Born in Rotterdam, Joanneke has spent most of the last 30 years in England, with time also spent in Germany and Spain. Her home is now in Sutton Coldfield

Discover more about Joanneke's work in her own words


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