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katherine richards

Katherine Richards Art Gallery.jpg

sculptural lamps

Katherine runs an established interior design consultancy in Hove, East Sussex and having had a varied career spanning a wide variety of artistic disciplines, she has established a reputation for providing a passionate and inspiring approach to interior design. The rich and eclectic mix of experiences she has gained contributes to her individual artistry and vision, which defines her approach now


Katherine’s understanding of sculpture enables her to find the form, shape and balance within a room and her theatrical training pushes the aesthetic boundaries, creating unique, exciting visions. Her collection of sculptural lamps is comprised of seven pieces, all of which are startlingly different. Each one is sculpted in clay by Katherine, cast in resin and meticulously hand finished with gold leaf


A fascination of shadows, contrast and texture underpin the design in these designs and creating illuminated sculptural pieces is a culmination of all this. Lighting has always been of great interest and, in her interior design work, Katherine spends a large part of her time focusing on bringing impact to a space and considering the way in which it affects us and the moods it creates

Discover more about Katherine's work in her own words


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