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louise robinson


mixed media

London-based artist Louise Robinson has always loved the tiny, ethereal, macabre, magical, whimsical and kitsch

She works with what she calls “her little people”, meticulously hand-painting and staging them in story-boxes to invite viewers behind the glass so they can immerse themselves in pared down and understated snapshots of the contemporary world

Frozen in time, these exquisite little scenes remind us that we are very small in a vast universe, that we are unique, vulnerable yet strong, insignificant yet special, and that we live in a shared commonality. Louise’s worlds are both amusing and provocative

Her latest pieces created during the first Covid lockdown of March 2020 address the spaces between people and how isolated we can feel even in a crowd. They also reflect on sex, death and the possibility of an afterlife 

Discover more about Louise's work in her own words


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