louise robinson

Baggage 524.jpg

mixed media

“One day when I was about 4 years old, my brother Paul and I went with Mum to visit her friend Sue Green in Wallasey to play with her Collie. When it was time to go, I stepped out the front door with Paul close behind, and saw on the front steps a tiny man and woman carrying little bits and pieces they’d found in the garden (I never heard about The Borrowers until many years later!). They noticed me and began to scramble away. I turned to tell Mum, but when I looked back, they’d vanished. Both Mum and our Paul still remember that moment vividly

“Ever since, the tiny, the ethereal, the macabre, the magical, the whimsical and the kitsch have been worlds I love to visit. My imagination offered an escape during a sometimes-chaotic childhood…and still does

“My latest pieces are a snapshot of how busy the streets used to be not so long ago, with a touch of humour, the unexplained or the unexpected. As I worked on them the little people revealed themselves to me just like the couple on the steps all those years ago. They told me who they were, the colours their outfits needed to be, where they were going, what they’d packed for the journey, and the story they are here to tell”

Louise is an inspiring creative and we are delighted to have her work on show, complementing Katherine’s curation and adding to this collection’s concept of connection 

Discover more about Louise's work in her own words