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lucy merriman

Sunset at Ditchling 45cm x 60cm £650.jpg

silk screen print

Lucy creates vibrant mixed media artworks and limited edition prints focusing on printmaking processes and painting.  Her work is semi-abstract often combining graphic form with layers of gestural brushstrokes

On graduating with a Textile Design degree from Nottingham Trent University in 1992, Lucy moved to London and established her first print studio in Shoreditch using traditional screen-printing methods combined with hand painting.  She later embraced digital processes which launched her into the world of design and printed apparel


“I have worked with colour for many years as a print designer and trend consultant in the fashion & sportswear industries.  It is something that is intuitive to me, I have a strong connection to it…” 

In 2020, Lucy enrolled in an experimental printmaking course reigniting her passion for painting and printmaking, and has shifted focus from design to her artistic practice.  Inspired by the surrounding landscape Lucy is fascinated by the use of colour and how it can influence feeling and change perception.  Through her use of emotive colour and expressive brushstrokes Lucy captures a personal response to the energy and beauty of the urban-rural landscape prompting interactions that feel rather than see

“Working digitally in design has given me huge creative scope over the last 25 years but I felt I wanted to return to a more organic process.  The movement of paint and the unexpected imperfections of printmaking give greater expressive depth to my work.  Recurring themes of opposites using a blend of analogue and digital processes, explore the natural and the hyperreal, blurring the lines of what is real and imaginary”

Born and raised in Birmingham Lucy currently lives and works from her studio close to Hackney Marshes, East London

Discover more about Lucy's work in her own words


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