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marjolein burbank

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Marjolein is an established Dutch textile artist whose quirky and thought-provoking work involves assemblage and collage using a variety of materials including fabric, sepia photographs and stitched words

She has always enjoyed working with the soft texture of fabric, noticing how it changes when cut and reconstructed. Stitching serves a double purpose here for Marjolein, both holding the material together while adding rich visual detail. It also remains her favoured way to express herself

Marjolein’s recent artwork focuses more on text and smaller scale pieces, taking inspiration from the news and occurrences in her immediate surroundings. She also tackles issues such as emancipation for all genders

Having trained as an occupational therapist, she is mainly self-taught in textile art. In following her husband when he worked abroad, Marjolein gained insight into different cultures and a broader view of the world. Starting out as a quilter, first traditional and then later with her own designs, she made big textile portraits and took part in exhibitions in Austria, Bolivia and Thailand

Discover more about Marjolein work in her own words


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We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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