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naomi keshet

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Naomi Keshet’s practice focuses on artistic self-discovery through portraiture, depicting the intricacy of the human experience


Through a point of self-reflection, evolving through an education amidst a global pandemic, she looks to explore how individuals subsequently connect with others and their internal and external surroundings, after experiencing forced separation from elements vital to human life such as social contact and freedom outside

The pieces exhibited in Collection Three depict different conceptual investigations throughout 2020 to the current year. Evolving in visual identity, they are representative of an individual’s unique progression, dedicated to newfound connections that became crucial since experiencing isolation. The work has been created in the hope that it enables her audience to feel positively connected to a time period that may hold sour connotations

Naomi is currently in her final year studying at Camberwell from UAL doing Fine Art Photography

Naomi is currently in her final year at Camberwell from UAL studying Fine Art Photography


We thought her work to be both inspiring and original and as it meets Katherine’s brief for the curation of this collection, which focuses on connection, we are delighted to welcome her

Discover more about Naomi's work in her own words


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