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recent gallery events

In addition to our imaginative programme of contemporary art exhibitions, we also run daytime and evening events at the gallery. These are opportunities to meet the talented artists we represent, to hear them talk about their work and influences, and to meet fellow art-lovers in a relaxed, friendly setting


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elizabeth working.jpeg

an evening with
Liz tiranti

friday 7th October 

On Friday 7th October Liz gave a fascinating talk to gallery guests about her work and and influences. Hosted by gallery owner Katherine Richards, this intimate and convivial talk included refreshments


Liz is an established contemporary fine artist working to celebrate and challenge the art of mosaic. Her decorative pieces and sculptures are striking and vibrant. She creates both large-scale sculptures as well colourful totems, mudlarked towers and fragments of stories


There are few artists today making mosaic sculpture similar to Liz’s. Her unabashed use of colour and reflective materials plus the scale of her work set her apart in this very specialised field. Her new work of ‘stacks’ is challenging mosaic traditions in a way that has not been done before

Patrick Morales-Lee.jpg

An evening with
patrick morales-lee

friday 2nd septmeber 

On Friday 2nd September Patrick Morales-Lee gave a fascinating talk to gallery guests about his work and and influences. Hosted by gallery owner Katherine Richards, this intimate and convivial talk included refreshments


Morales-Lee is a multi award-winning artist working in charcoal, acrylic and silk-screen. He was taught by the painter John Virtue and graduated alongside friend and peer Antony Micallef. He has sold work to well-known collectors and exhibited alongside artists such as Antony Gormley, Jeremy Deller, Gavin Turk, Sarah Maple, Anthony Lister, Shepard Fairey, Vhils, FAILE and many more


Patrick’s work deals with the idea of identity and belonging. From being fostered at the age of three, he was constantly aware of his surroundings and the need to fit in growing up. His work looks to explore this aspect of the human condition: identity, connection and community


An evening with
Chloe McCarrick


On 21st July, our Collection Four headliner and internationally acclaimed artist Chloe McCarrick gave a fascinating talk to gallery guests about her work and artistic influences

Best known for her beautiful circular cyanotypes in blue and gold, Chloe described to gallery guests the boundless possibilities of image production in the age of modern printmaking and explained how inspired she is by the themes of natural history, influential women and science. She gave guests a better understanding of her extensive research methods and inspired them by highlighting her work’s recurring theme of female empowerment

Chloe regularly exhibits in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Her work is held in the permanent heritage collection for Le Salon Des Beaux Arts Foundation in Paris

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