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phoebe boddy


acrylic on canvas

Phoebe Boddy’s practice is stimulated by food and flavour, whereby she uses the process of painting to explore the connections between the two creative fields of Food and Art. Phoebe stores personal recollections and experiences that she has encountered with food, and recreates these memories in the studio through abstract interpretative and often figurative painting. Her paintings are always titled after, or related to, food and are comprised of energised brush strokes; infused with a bold use of colour and form


She interprets flavour as a colour, envisions texture as a mark and translates forms onto canvas. Through her large paintings, Phoebe encourages the viewer to consider food for what it truly is – a work of art, for all the senses!


2021 - Kate Bryan Prize Nominee, Kate Bryan, London

2021 - Figurative Art Prize 2021 Winner, Mall Galleries, London

2021 - Directors Pick - Saatchi,  The Other Art Fair, London

Discover more about Phoebe’s work in her own words


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