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artist in focus: nick carrick

How do you describe your work?

My work investigates escapism and reconnection within subject matter and process. I want the viewer to conjure certain emotions when looking at my paintings. Feelings of melancholia but also hope. A comfort of solitariness within the world around us

What would you say are your greatest influences?

I think nature itself is my biggest influence but through a lens of the history of art. Post impressionism being the most influential

But also going back further to African tribal motifs, ancient Australian, Egyptian arts.

Irene Marot - Katherine Richards Art Gallery - Brighton and Hove

I used to work in museums in London and would sift through many exhibitions looking for inspiration. I think it is never ending but is always within a framework to what emotion you have at the time, I think

Who do you have in mind when you create your work?

Not sure what this question means but myself mostly. It all centres around oneself

What makes your art different, special and irresistible?

My art comes out of a necessity to create. An impulsion. Compulsion. It has to be something that is totally personally meaningful to me

Irene Marot - Katherine Richards Art Gallery - Affordable Art

What do people say when they see your collection / portfolio? How does your art make them feel?

I have been told that it makes people feel hopeful

What do you think motivates

people to buy your art? How does it appeal to the heart?

The total originality of process, image, execution and passion I have crafted

Nick Carrick - part of Collection Seven at Katherine Richards Art Gallery

Irene Marot - Katherine Richards Art Gallery - Sussex


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