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When you think of ‘affordable art’, does a number come into your head? It’s quite subjective but the Affordable Art Fair defines affordable artworks as pieces priced under £6,000. So everything in Katherine Richards Art Gallery would qualify!

Nevertheless, in these post-pandemic times when many people’s funds are reduced and jobs are uncertain, buying art can seem a luxury. We know what it’s like to fall in love with something in a gallery but feel disillusioned and put off by the cost, believing that buying art is only for the rich. In fact, it really isn’t.

Spread the cost with Own Art

We want to make buying art easy and accessible to everyone. So we’ve teamed up with Own Art, a scheme funded by the Arts Council which allows collectors to purchase art in ten interest-free instalments (Ts & Cs apply). It’s a brilliant way of making the purchase of a piece of art - which might seem expensive and unachievable - affordable to many people. Check out details of eligibility here:

So, for as little as the price of a pair of cinema tickets and large popcorn (£32) every month for ten months, you could own a beautiful wooden bird sculpture by Christopher King, part of our Collection Two. How about one of these lovelies (see below), in cherry wood or scorched limewood? Smooth, pleasing forms which hold a moment of stillness and connection with the natural world

Price: £ 320 each / OR 10 monthly payments of £ 32 with Own Art

Ditch daily fripperies and invest in affordable art

Do you really need that second cappuccino? For the price of about 20 shop-bought coffees per month (£60) over ten months, you could be the proud owner of Trinite sur Mer II, a subtle and unobtrusively beautiful scene by painter Anna Macdonald whose work is a modern interpretation of minimalism

Anna’s paintings and drawings incorporate the Japanese principles of Shibumi, a complex process including asymmetry, simplicity and a reverence of nature. This removal of superfluous elements encourages the observer to slow down, pause, meditate and take in the tranquillity of the work. Which is far more relaxing and soul-nourishing than that extra coffee, let’s face it

Anna McDonald, Trinite sur Mer II, 50 x 50cm acrylic on canvas

Price: £ 600 / 10 monthly payments of £ 60 with Own Art

For those looking for a stand-out piece to bring a soothing sense of calm to their favourite room, a large oil canvas by highly collectible artist Nigel Sharman can be yours for £242 a month over ten months. His Spring Moorings with its striking cobalt blues is a piece to fall in love with. At once deceptively simple and very sophisticated, this work can be looked at each day whilst offering the viewer something different every time

Nigel Sharman Spring Moorings oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm

Price £ 2425 / OR 10 monthly payments of £ 242 with Own Art

The benefits of owning original art

Buying art is personal and finding the right piece that ‘speaks to you’ can take a while. But the benefits of owing a one-of-a-kind art piece are universal:

  • It allows you to express yourself creatively and surround yourself with beautiful things - which creates good feelings

  • There’s pleasure in knowing your artwork was created by hand, by someone who loves their work and takes pride in their workmanship and high-quality materials

  • Art can bring to mind a person, place or event in your life and act as a keeper of memories

Bear in mind that some of our artists are open to working on commissions tailored to your budget. If you see a piece in the gallery but would prefer it in a different size, let us know and we will enquire for you

Buying affordable art by up-and-coming artists can turn out to be a good investment. Once newer artists gain exposure and recognition, their prices often increase, which means your original outlay will more than certainly pay off. We represent both emerging and established artists whose work shows talent and the expression of free-thinking creativity

Last but not least, buying a new piece of art can be a way to inject some life into a space. A piece of art can have a similar ‘revamp’ effect as a whole new décor scheme but at a fraction of the cost. As interior designer, artist and curator, Katherine will help you create a stylish home full of colour and interesting design

The artworks above are part of Collection Two, available in our Hove gallery until 20th February 2022


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