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a new venture at katherine richards design

September is a great time to immerse yourself in a new project, whether it’s work, play or just focusing on what you love doing. And that’s exactly what I’ve been up to for several months

I’m thrilled to announce that on 8th October I’ll be opening a contemporary art gallery, Katherine Richard Art Gallery, at my design studio on Portland Road in Hove. This new venture is the realisation of a creative vision I’ve nurtured for several years and I can’t wait to welcome you

My long career in the design world has included graphic design, fashion, London stage design and of course, interior design; helping my interiors clients choose colours, shapes and textures to create beautiful, personalised homes. I’ve loved learning about my clients’ needs and how to transform a space for them - which in turn transforms a person’s life and mindset for the better. Not only has this brought me great satisfaction in my work as an interior designer, it has, I believe, prepared me for my next venture as art curator


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