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sally ellis


mixed media

Sally Ellis is a contemporary artist from Bewdley, Worcestershire. She breathes life into everyday compositions and domestic scenes through her vibrant acrylic paintings, seen through the lens of abstraction. Guided by intuition, she layers, sands, and scrapes paint to reveal beauty in spontaneity. 


Sally’s work has been collected across the UK since 2006 and recently earned recognition at prestigious exhibitions like the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Open and the Society of Women Artists Open at the renowned Mall Galleries in London. 


Sally's art is deeply influenced by her background in nursing, family life, her affinity for vintage pottery, and her enduring admiration for inspirational artists like Shirley Trevena and Mary Fedden RA. Through her work, Sally explores art's power to transcend perceptions, evoke emotions, and spark untold stories.


Sally shares her passion by teaching in her studio. Her classes are an invitation for both beginners and experienced artists to discover the liberating freedom that comes from shedding expectations and embracing the joy of spontaneity in creative expression.

Discover more about Sally's work in her own words


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