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sarah money

Female Figure.jpg

oil on canvas

Sarah first experienced sculpting aged sixteen, which proved to be a eureka moment for her even though she did not touch clay again for another 30 years. For those intervening years she was involved in contemporary dance, mime and theatre. She studied Visual Arts at the University of Brighton and later became a qualified Pilates instructor which continued her interest in the human body, form and movement.  She also trained and qualified as a person-centred councillor. These experiences revealed to Sarah a fascination not only with human form and movement but crucially who the person is and what’s going on for them


She started attending the Paddock Studios in Lewes in 2014 and rediscovered her passion for sculpting. Sarah’s painting was inspired by watching her grandson’s freedom of expression, using colour, movement and texture unhindered by art ‘tuition’


For her sculpting work exploring the human form, Sarah works with live models as well as her imagination. Her use of the colour turquoise is inspired by travels to Arizona, USA, where she spent time with the Navaho community. She creates work which looks weather-beaten, aged by the elements or retrieved from the ocean. When painting, she uses a palate knife, rollers and her hands, creating depth and layers of colour, a process she describes as wholly intuitive


Sarah lives near the South Downs in Sussex and draws painting inspiration from her garden, using memory and imagination to produce her work. Her influences also include the sculptors Brian Taylor and Emily Young, the paintings of Vincent van Gogh, and The Bloomsbury Group

Discover more about Sarah's work in her own words


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