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stuart bass

The Afternoon Knows What The Morning Never Suspected.jpg

acrylic inks, airbrush and resin

Stuart is a self-taught artist for whom painting and drawing have always been an important part of life. From an early age he loved drawing seascapes and countryside scenes. After formal education he studied Theatre Design which inspired his own story-telling through art


Stuart has lived in Sussex all his life, and the South Downs and its towns and villages have been a great source of inspiration. He particularly enjoys how moonlight changes the mood of a surrounding, offering a dream-like world to escape to and enjoy


His style of working is based around applying inks to canvas or board via a mixture of paintbrush and airbrush techniques, the latter giving the pictures warmth and depth. The ink blends in after each layer is applied, sometimes making up to 20 or 30 layers of ink. There is a degree of uncertainty as the layers build up, often resulting in a surprising effect. The piece is then finished with a clear resin top coat which deepens and unifies the tones. Stuart has learnt over the years to be disciplined when producing his art and knows when to step back from the piece, sensing when the work is complete

Discover more about Stuart's work in his own words


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