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susan keshet



Susan Keshet's paintings focus on the beauty to be experienced in everyday life. The four works exhibited here were all made in early 2021 - the time of pandemic - during which her focus was on simplicity and optimism. With few opportunities to gather with friends or indeed to travel, it became a time to imagine and to wish. These paintings depict quiet scenes of a reality imagined during perhaps what was a lost time for many


The colour palette is that of sun-saturated summer – Naples yellows and ultramarine blues – full of a sense of lightness and freedom. The beautiful flowers screening the woman in the glamorous shirt give a sense of reassuring calm in a time of chaos. The rose-tinted background of ‘Dream Selfie’ suggests a much hoped for trip away somewhere sunny and reinvigorating – where all is good - to be rescheduled for a later time when normality returns. The imagined self or perhaps the alter ego is suggested in the small painting ‘Messenger’. The image depicts someone isolated perhaps at home, yet there is the joy of being still connected to others in a new yet vital role


It is small dreams and fantasies which help to keep us alive and thriving – they are the hope we hold onto and keep us strong in times of adversity

Discover more about Susan's work in her own words


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