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tim bates

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brutalist design


Minimal theatricality. Tim’s work has a sense of both, borne of an interest in theatre and brutalist architecture. The interior space also features in some pieces – staircases, openings and passageways giving an atmosphere of an empty room or outside space


Stories can be told here


Recent pieces are more reflective of the outside – the architectural shell sometimes adorned with gold. Tim strives to echo the concrete surface, the terrazzo finish through the use of raw, unglazed clay


Light always plays a part in these pieces, creating shadows and yet further mystery. An architectural space, inner or outer, cannot be conceived without thought given to how the light will react with the angles and the surfaces. These are not functional lighting pieces – more atmospheric, ambient


The raw materials dictate the colour palette. Some pieces are enhanced with graphite, others gold. However there might also be a shot of a single colour to be glimpsed through an opening, drawing you in…..


Tim divides his time between teaching art in Brighton and living in Brittany with his family. In both places he works with clay to create very different bodies of work. In France his work is functional – jugs, bowls plates, while in the UK it is  more sculptural and architectural, usually taking the form of lighting pieces, each one unique, exploring various themes. They are quiet and understated, minimal in form and colour, but with a strong architectural presence

Discover more about Tim's work in his own words

Meet the Artist: An Evening with Tim Bates
Meet the Artist: An Evening with Tim Bates
05 Oct 2023, 19:00 – 21:00
Katherine Richards Art Gallery,
111 Portland Rd, Hove BN3 5DP, UK


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