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linda burris webster

linda burris webster - Katherine Richards Art Gallery


Linda creates three-dimensional sculptures using maps which she photographs, as graphic representations of spatial concepts, and as a way to make sense of the world. She is deeply interested in the use of abstract and semi-abstract forms to convey meaning


Through tearing, twisting, cutting, crumpling and sculpting maps, she transforms the familiar into the unfamiliar.  Photographing the constructions moves them towards greater abstraction, returning them to two-dimensional forms to harness their ambiguity and complexity.  Her work seeks to express the narrative of place and explore current social and political dilemmas including environmental destruction, human rights violations, economic inequality, political upheaval and war


Linda’s aim is to use these images as a vehicle for open-ended enquiries, to explore and question some of the headlines of our increasingly interconnected world, rather than present a binary position of good and evil, or right and wrong. The issues she seeks to reflect in her work are neither static nor confined. They invite us to consider how close to the precipice is any modern state, how any land moves from what isn’t to what is

All photographs are available in two sizes and are limited editions

Discover more about Linda's work in her own words


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