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liz tiranti

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Liz is an established contemporary fine artist working to celebrate and challenge the art of mosaic. Her decorative pieces and sculptures are striking and vibrant. Colour underpins everything she creates


We are delighted to have available both Liz’s large-scale sculptures which look stunning in a garden or courtyard as well her colourful totems, mudlarked towers and fragments of stories.


There are few artists today making mosaic sculpture similar to Liz’s. Her unabashed use of colour and reflective materials plus the scale of her work set her apart in this very specialised field. Her new work of ‘stacks’ is challenging mosaic traditions in a way that has not been done before. In the variety of her artworks, Liz embraces the immense versatility of mosaic.  Her creative career spans twenty five years and includes architectural wall and floor features


For her smaller pieces, Liz uses mudlarked finds from London’s River Thames to create her innovative aesthetic. She takes fragments of glass, ceramic and marble with their own story to tell and reappropriates them as ‘tesserae’ or mosaicist tiles


Whilst developing her sculptural practice, Liz was one of the first in Britain to import concrete construction techniques specifically for mosaic making from North America. This led to her recent postgraduate enquiry into how to translate fragment to form


Liz’s purpose is to stimulate discussion about the mosaic-making process and to contribute to its position as both a craft and a fine art form

Discover more about Liz's work in her own words


This sculpture is currently on show in the courtyard garden at Katherine Richards Art Gallery


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