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artist in focus: naomi keshet

Naomi is currently in her final year at Camberwell from UAL studying Fine Art Photography. Her practice focuses on artistic self-discovery through portraiture, depicting the intricacy of the human experience. Her work is both inspiring and original and sits well within the ‘Connections’ theme of Collection Three. We talk to her to find out more

How do you describe your work?

My work is a creative celebration of certain elements that make up the human experience. These include methods of connection to ourselves and others since experiencing something as influential as the pandemic. Vivid in movement and colour, my photography aims to immerse an individual whilst not being a medium that’s conventionally an immersive, sensory experience

What would you say are your greatest influences?

Those who influence me most range through many art mediums; artists such as video creator Bill Viola to abstract painters like Rothko have been huge inspirations in my work and life for many years. I’m inspired by theatrical, dramatic visuals and concepts. Artists you can feel physically moved by when viewing their work

Who do you have in mind when you create your work?

Throughout my creative career, I’ve aimed to create work that is accessible to all audiences, artistic or not. Personally, I connect to work when I feel allowed to enter the idea, the concept in front of me. Accessibility in a piece that brings people together within a space is one of my favourite pros for exploring creative outlets

What makes your art different, special and irresistible?

I try and create my work from a subconscious place within. Art has become a release for me since experiencing such intensity in creating during isolation. It has allowed me to create from a vulnerable place that still aims to still be accessible to an audience. I try not to hide when creating a piece so that my vulnerability can shape the pieces into something relatable for others

What do people say when they see your portfolio? How does your art make them feel?

I’ve often heard people say that my newest works, such as Breathe in Visions or Lost in Inner Worlds, have a feeling of an invitation into a world; perhaps that’s through the hyper colours and textures I use. I’ve also been told it feels like a look through my first perspective, which is great to hear as these are my aims

What do you think motivates people to buy your art? How does it appeal to the heart?

I believe the emotions running through a work can motivate someone to buy it, if they have gone through or are going through something similar to what they perceive. Although my work varies in visual genre, I think the theatre playing an emotional scenario is what speaks to a buyer the most

Who responds to your work and why do they connect with what you make?

I find women have a stronger response to my work as there is depiction of the female experience through my eyes and some of its hardships. But also those who are interested in human interaction, internal or external, and those interested in the human psyche

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